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a supplemental staffing agency for local organizations






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Doing what you love doesn’t always come with benefits. Join Millenefits and #WorkForBenefits

There are never enough hours in the day. Let Millenefits help you complete your to-do list.

Why Millenefits?

Millenefits is a social enterprise helping freelancers have access to workplace benefits so they can continue doing what they love.

There are 55 million (and growing) freelancers!  Being a freelancer means more flexibility, better earning potential, and more work choices than traditional employment. Yet, freelancers are held back because they lack benefits. Healthcare, Retirement, and Student Loan Debt are their biggest concerns!

Millenefits helps you #DoWhatYouLove and #WorkForBenefits.

A Supplemental Staffing Agency

Need help with your to-do list? Millenefits Professionals help local businesses with everything from errands to social media posts. Start delegating your work to Millenefits today!

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